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About Us

Founded in 1985, the brand Tara’s has been known for creating the finest handcrafted custom girdles in the market, since then we have maintained the highest quality in custom post surgery girdles. Our unique designs are the results of French and Colombian technologies fused together with years of research and collaboration with top cosmetic surgeons in Colombia and personal innovations from designer and inventor Tara Escobar. We are the leader in innovative post surgery girdles and body shaping custom girdles.

Nothing is manufactured in a factory; each girdle is specially handcrafted, made to order and made to perfection to your body’s needs.

One of the many features that sets us apart, is the comfort, the materials that are used for the girdles are breathable and hypoalergenic, it will not cause any irritation or burn your skin. Our girdles are made without metal or plastic rods hence, it will not poke your body and cause cut marks.

Tara’s are highly recommended by top surgeons, it is designed for post surgical treatments and body shaping. The more you wear our girdles the more you will find undeniable results.

Girdles would be of no benefit to you if you cannot wear them for extended period, thus, our girdles can be worn 24/7 without causing any skin irritatio, guaranteed. We use only the finest materials to deliver the best body shaping results and comfort you need. We select items and materials based on quality, and we take great pride in each and every girdles that we hand make.

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